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Soon to be AEI fellow Hirsi Ali delivers coup de grace to ex party colleagues -aids Islamists by calling Immigration Minister Verdonck 'dangerous'

September 3, 2006

Hirsi Ali is back!

MIM:Not one to quit while ahead, Hirsi Ali has decided deliver a final kick to Immigration Minister Rita Verdonck while she was down, after she detroyed her chances to become head of the party. Ali's parting shot was to call Immigration Minister Rita Verdonck "dangerous" claiming she "too much power". Not only has Ali played into the hands of the Islamists who despise Verdonk she has also incited against her - since Verdonk has also been living under death threats since the Van Gogh murder. New VVD party leader Rutte also thought Ali was hitting below the belt and called her remarks "vindictive"and with no basis in fact. Ali is planning to come to the United States in September to exploit the funding and prestige of the American Enterprise Institute. If her abysmal treatment of her ex parliamentarian colleagues is any indication, the staff at the AEI would do well to make preparations for their institute's reputation to survive Ali's fallout and for themselves to survive the physical threats she poses to their personal safety.

Article excerpts:

Hirsi Ali zei in een dankwoord dat „het gevoel van dankbaarheid" overheerst. Ze is Nederland dankbaar, „het land dat me zoveel kansen heeft geboden". Ook noemde ze haar politieke mentoren: Neelie Kroes, Erica Terpstra, Gerrit Zalm, Henk Kamp en Jozias van Aartsen. Het was het enige gevoel dat Hirsi Ali met de aanwezigen wilde delen. „Vraag mij nooit meer wat ik voel. Of, erger: wat er door mij heen gaat. Als het slecht gaat, voel ik mij rot. Als het goed gaat, voel ik mij blij."

"Dont ask me what I feel, or worse what is going through me. If it doesnt go well I feel bad. If it goes well I feel happy."

Hirsi Ali - Verdonk love fest before Ali destroyed the immigration minister's career while furthering her own



Ali warns for the 'danger' which Verdonk poses in her eyes. (seems like she is really talking about herself since she had no political program and got a lot of power and caused tremendous harm to people).

" She (Verdonk)is enormously popular but has no party program . History shows that it is dangerous when someone gets so much power."

Ayaan Hirsi Ali noemt Rita Verdonck "gevaarlijk"

Ali calls Rita Verdonck "dangerous"

(Belga) Voormalig Nederlands parlementslid Ayaan Hirsi Ali haalt zwaar uit naar minister van Vreemdelingenzaken en Integratie Rita Verdonk. In de Nova-televisiedocumentaire "De Gelukzoeker" die volgende week zaterdag wordt uitgezonden, waarschuwt Hirsi Ali voor het "gevaar" dat Verdonk in haar ogen vormt.

"Ze is enorm populair, maar heeft geen partijprogramma. De geschiedenis wijst uit dat het gevaarlijk is als men zoveel macht krijgt", aldus het voormalig Kamerlid. De relatie tussen de twee vrouwen is behoorlijk vertroebeld. In juni ontstond er in Nederland commotie rond de manier waarop Hirsi Ali de Nederlandse nationaliteit had verkregen. Minister van Vreemdelingenzaken Verdonk ontnam daarop eerst haar paspoort, maar kwam nadien op die beslissing terug onder druk van het parlement. Uiteindelijk viel de regering Balkenende over het aanblijven van Verdonk als minister. Partijleider van de VVD Mark Rutte neemt het in een reactie op voor Verdonk. "Dit komt op mij over als rancuneuze uitspraken, die echter elke grond missen". (kva)

MIM:Ali also couldnt resist to take a final swipe at what she called 'the myth of Dutch tolerance' not troubled by the fact that her 'sucess' is proof of the mendacity of this claim. Even more bizarrely, Ali equates Dutch politics with a pyscho analytical 'Peep Show' referring to it as 'emotional voyeurism' and emotional exhibitionism. Both terms can best be used to describe herself and her political career, which was devoid of substance and relied on nonsensical statements of hers being recorded by journalists who hung on her every word, and her own insatiable media whoring.

Intellectual wannabe Ali sees Dutch politics as pyscho analytical peep show:

THE HAGUE, 02/09/06 - The Dutch like to call themselves open and tolerant, but in reality they do not like divergent views. They pride themselves on being level-headed, yet the media and political debate are dominated by "emotional voyeurism," according to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Hirsi Ali considers it paradoxical that she is seen in the US as a bridge-builder between the West and Islam, but in the Netherlands as a polemicist. "The Dutch have difficulty with dissenters. They prefer to team up with the like-minded."

Hirsi Ali also expressed her surprise at the great attention that she says is paid in the Netherlands to emotions that democratic decisions and debates bring about. She considers the media should stop this "emotional voyeurism." Then politicians would automatically give up their "emotional exhibitionism."

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