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Dave Bender: Israel at level ground - exclusive reports and photos from the bombings in the north and life under fire

August 3, 2006

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Ma'alot: Residents and volunteers inspect home, demolished in
Katyusha attack, Wednesday, Aug. 3. (Photo: Dave Bender)

Sorry for being away a few days: I am posting this from Rosh Pina, near Tzfat along the northern border with Lebanon, as Katyusha and IDF artillery exchange fire nonstop - the sounds of both thudding nearby. I will post as many video and audio reports, and photos as possible.

I visited residents and rabbinic leaders in Nahariya, Ma'alot, Rosh Pina, and IDF forward artillery positions in the last two days - holding one interview under fire. Hizbullah lobbed close to 200 rockets into Israel in the last 48 hours, killing one Israeli-American immigrant and wounding dozens of others.

Remnants of Katyusha rocket which hit Ma'alot earlier in the week.
Orange sticker says, "Caution. Flammable material," written in Hebrew,
indicating that the propellant was either smuggled into Lebanon
from Israel or was taken from IDF stocks. (Photo: Dave Bender)

Rockets kept falling throughout the night and into this morning.

Editing these reports down now. Please check back here later today and tonight, (depending on Internet connectivity, and how long I hold out during the fast) to see and hear the results.

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Friday, August 4

Liveblogging the war through a Katyusha attack (Exclusive Podcast)

Nahariya resident Nissim Samsoni, 56, in front of his
Katyusha-scarred apartment. (Photo: Dave Bender)

I filed this report from a bomb shelter in Israel's coastal town of Nahariya, near Lebanon on Wednesday afternoon.

After visiting the home of a couple whose apartment next door had been damaged in a previous Katyusha rocket strike, I then interviewed a local Chabad rabbi who was deeply involved in aiding all the community's beleagured residents with food, entertainment and spiritual relief.

Rabbi Yisroel Butman, Nahariya

Then the Katyusha air-raid siren began to wail...

Young Nahariya residents in neighborhood bomb
shelter for nearly four weeks. (Photo: Dave Bender)

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