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Arab Knesset members aiding terrorists must be stripped of citzenship - tried for treason - and executed

July 25, 2006

MIM: A month before Hezbollah attacked Israel Avigdor Lieberman the head of the Russian party Yisroel Beieninu- Israel is ours called for the execution of Arab members of the Israeli Knesset who supported terror. The membership of Arabs in the Knesset, a known fifth column, has long been a travesty.

One Knesset member, Mahmoud Taba, advised terrorists on an Islamist website to kidnap Israeli soldiers, a few days later a IDF base was attacked and 2 soldiers were killed and Corporal Gilad Shalit was dragged into Gaza where he remains to this day. No word has been given as to his condition or if he is alive. Less then two weeks after the Shalit kidnapping, Hezbollah attacked Israeli soldiers over the Lebanese border killing 8 and taking 2 hostage. Israeli troops were sent into Lebanon and pitched battles are raging .

Which begs the question :How can Israel win a war in Lebanon against terrorists and their supporters when they are sitting in the Knesset in Jerusalem? Avigdor Lieberman and several of his party members have taken the initiative and called for the trial and execution of Arab Knesset members for treason.

MIM is providing a list of Arab Knesset members with background information along with statements they have made exhorting fellow Arabs to attack Israel and meeting with terrorists in order to help them carry out their aim of annihilating the Jewish State:

MIM: Excerpts of articles calling for execution and of Arab members of the Israeli Knesset who have committed treason. Revoking the citizenship of Arab members of the Israeli Knesset for committing treason by calling for the destruction of the country in whose government they sit ,and actively collaborating with terrorists to acheive this end is an absurdity which defies comment.


A right-wing Israeli party leader yesterday called for the execution of Israeli Arab politicians who had had contacts with Hamas or failed to celebrate the state's independence day, overshadowing the swearing-in of the new coalition government.

Avigdor Lieberman, leader of the mainly Russian immigrant party Yisrael Beieinu, told the Israeli parliament that Arab members who met with Hamas should be tried for "co-operating with the enemy".

Mr Lieberman, who failed to reach a deal to join the new coalition government of Ehud Olmert which was sworn in yesterday, declared: "The Second World War ended with the Nuremberg trials and the execution of the Nazi leadership. Not only them, but also those who collaborated with them. I hope that will also be the fate of the collaborators in this house."



MK Misezhnikov: Revoke MK Sarsurīs Citizenship
23:42 Jul 24, '06 / 28 Tammuz 5766

( MK Stas Misezhnikov (Yisrael Beitenu) has appealed to Attorney General Menahem Mazuz to open a criminal file against MK Ibrahim Sarsur (Ra'am Ta'al) and to determine if it is possible to remove his citizenship.

Misezhnikov's request comes after Sarsur, who is head of the Islamic Movement, accused Israel of intentionally targeting Lebanese civilians and called for a united Arab front against Israel.

"MK Sarsur has violated his oath of loyalty to the state of Israel and is collaborating with the enemy in a time of war. He has even incited the Arab nations to join together to destroy Israel, " said Misezhnikov.


Arab MK: Six Day-War Victory Led to More Wars
21:13 Jul 27, '06

( Arab Knesset member Talab El-Sana told an anti-war rally Thursday that Israel's "extolled victory" in the Six-Day War not only did not lead to peace but also led to more wars. "In 1982, Israel created the Hizbullah and today, in 2006, it is creating the next generation of fighters," he told an angry crowd in Tel Aviv.

He said Israel does not have to disarm Hizbullah terrorists but has to adopt a policy "of peace processes." Demonstrators charged that "the war in Lebanon is an American war," and MK El-Sana added, "Israel is nothing more than a US subcontractor."


MK won't retract remark that seizing IDF troops is legitimate
By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent and Haaretz Service

MKs lashed out at MK Wasil Taha (Balad) on Sunday, calling for the Israeli Arab Knesset member to be tried for treason for saying the abduction of IDF soldiers by Palestinian militants was legitimate.

Taha initially made the statement on an Islamic online chat room and then refused to retract it in an interview with Israel Radio on Sunday. The balad party member, however, insists that he did not call for the abduction of IDF soldiers.

In an interview with Israel Radio, Taha said: "the murder and massive bombardment of Gaza and the continued killings have left Palestinians with two options: Either to harm innocent civilians or confront the army, and they've picked the more difficult choice of confronting Israel Defense Forces, capturing [Corporal Gilad] Shalit in the conflict."

When asked whether it was legitimate to kidnap an IDF soldier, Taha responded by saying: "the occupation is not legitimate."

In response, MK Efi Eitam (NRP-NU) called on Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to open up an investigation against Taha and former MK Abdulmalik Dehamshe (United Arab List), who also made a similar statement.

"The law requires the death penalty or life imprisonment to anyone who is found guilty of treason," Eitam said.

MK Zvulun Orlev (NRP-NU) said Taha's "treacherous comments prove that a few Trojan horses have been let into the Knesset and democracy must defend itself."

Yisrael Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman used the opportunity to criticize Israeli Arab MKs in general, calling them a "bunch of pathetic collaborators."

"I wonder why they do it? To be popular among Israel's Arabs one must be anti-Zionist and anti-Israeli," Lieberman said.

"People who sympathize with terror groups, which have been recognized as terrorist organizations in Israel and abroad, lend them their support and continue to be MKs."

In his earlier statement on the Islam Online Web site, Taha told chat room participants that the word "kidnapped" was inaccurate in describing Shalit's abduction, and that the word "captured" was more fitting.

"A kidnapping is something terrorist organizations and as such do," Taha wrote. "The term 'capturing' implies the other side is organized, resolved and legitimate. Israel is trying to delegitimize the value of resistance and present it as terrorism to seal off its diplomatic options by equating resistance with 'terror, murder and kidnapping.'"


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