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UK Muslims celebrate July bombings with Islam Expo - speakers include friends of Bin Laden- terror supporters - and apologists

June 28, 2006

MIM: UK Muslims and their supporters are planning to celebrate the July 7th London bombings with a 2 day Islam Expo which includes terrorist operatives,apologists, and friends of Bin Laden. Among the guests are Azzam Tamimi, known Hamas operative and Sheik Qazi Hussain Ahmed (see below), who was banned from Holland and Belgium because of his close attachment to Osama Bin Laden. The editor of the Saudi paper Al Quds Al Arabi , Abdul Bari Atwan, was presented an award in 2004 for "media jihad"by Revival magazine. Among the Americans are jihadophile John Esposito who will be on a panel with Adulwahab Al Effendi, who compared the work of Campus Watch, in monitoring academics to suicide bombers. (see excerpt below).

Throughout the four days of IslamExpo there will lectures and seminars on art, literature, science, architecture, technology, theology and politics. The topics range from "The Contribution of Muslims to Gardens and Agriculture" to "Ethical Foundations of Islamic Environmentalism", from "Al-Andalus: When East & West lived side by side" to "Nutrition Science from the Quran", from "Social justice in Islam" to "Prospects of Democratic Change in the Middle East", from "Muslim Youth Between National Identity and the Ummah", to "British Muslims and Participation in Politics".

Multiculturalism and
the 2012 Games
Mayor Ken Livingstone
Lord Sebastian Coe
Tessa Jowell
Islam and the West:
Toward better relations
Jacques Waardenburg
Waddah Khanfar
Muslims in Britain:
Facts and challenges
Humayun Ansari
Iqbal Sacranie
Islamic Scientific Traditions in Islam
Roshdi Rashed
Hidden Quranic
treasures unveiled
Zaghloul El-Najjar
Jihad: Holy war?
John Esposito
Jamal Badawi
Social justice in Islam Jamal Badawi Palestine 58 years since the Nakbah John Rose Azzam Tamimi Abdelwahhab El-Messiri
Reporting Islam
Frank Gardner
Abdelbari Atwan
Wadah Khanfar
Seumas Milne
Muhammad: Seal of the prophets Adil Salahi
British Muslims and political participation Lord Ahmed Sadiq Khan MP Anas Altikriti Salma Yaqoob
Democratic change in the Muslim world: prospects and obstacles John Esposito Abdelwahhab El-Affendi Mohamed Ayoob
Islamic schools: A vessel of integration or isolation? Ibrahim Hewitt Rebecca Williams Saeed Akhtar Bhutta Tahir Alam Alisdair Smith
Islamophobia: The new face of hatred of the other Nihad Awad Doug Jewell Andrew Murray Soumaya Ghannoushi
The origins of terrorism: Religious or political?
Azzam Tamimi
Alistair Crooke
Bill Tupman
Jonathan Freedland
Muslim Contributions to medicine and physics Emily Savage-Smith Mohamed El-Gomati
Ethical foundations of Islamic environmentalism Fazlun Khalid
Role models
Merve Kavakci
Ilham Al-Qaradawi
Aisha Lemu
Leila Aboulela
Khadija Benguenna
Nutrition Science from the Quran
Jamil Al-Qudsi Dweik
The Spirit of Islamic Art
Khalid Azzam
Timothy Stanley
Al-Andalus: When East and West lived side by side
Salaheddine El-Djazairi
Timbuktu: a Centre of Islamic Scholarship
Ali Ould Sidi
A Woman's Journey to Islam
Aisha Lemu
Rebecca Williams
Yvonne Ridley
Batool Toma
To be a Muslim Artist
Ali Omar Ermes
Luqman Ali
Leila Aboulela

Earthly paradise: The Art of the Islamic Garden Anne-Marie Brennan Emma Clark

MIM: Speaker Riyadh Ul Haq 's work includes the tape below:

Signs of the Last Day and the Taliban

Scholar: Riyadh ul Haq

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Description : Abu Yusuf Riyadh ul Haq talks about some of the signs of the Day of Judgement, and elaborates on how the media portray truth as falsehood and falsehood as truth.

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Sheik Qazi Hussain Ahmed

One of Pakistan's most influential and religious politicians will travel to Oslo later this month to speak before local Muslims. His party has earlier hailed Osama bin Laden, and he's been denied entry to Belgium and the Netherlands. Qazi Hussain Ahmed is due to speak in Oslo later this month.

The Islamic Cultural Center in Oslo's Grønland neighbourhood has invited Qazi Hussain Ahmed, leader of Pakistan's largest religious party, to Oslo. He's scheduled to speak at a religious gathering August 22 and before a Muslim students' organization from the University of Oslo two days later.

Qazi Hussain Ahmed has earlier make flattering comments about Osama bin Laden, and his party, Jamaat-e-Islami, also has hailed al-Qaeda members as heroes.

The party also has allegedly encouraged its members to shield al-Qaeda members who are fleeing US troops in Afghanistan. Because of this, both Belgium and the Netherlands blocked his entry as late as May of this year.

Officials at Oslo's Islamic Cultural Center claim Qazi Hussain Ahmed's ties to Osama bin Laden are inflated. "Who says he supports Osama bin Laden?" asked local imam Hafiz Mehboob ur-Rehman. "We don't think he's controversial. We don't support terrorism and stay on the right side of the law."


Suicide attacks" against American academia
by Abdelwahab El-Affendi
Muslim News
October 25, 2002

Having recently published an article on the plight of post-September 11 American academia, I was surprised to receive an e-mail informing me that a new website was being launched to monitor anti-Israeli academics in the US. In my earlier piece, I have said that US universities are likely to be one of the more serious casualties of the George Bush's war on terrorism. New draconian regulations on immigration are likely to dry up the steady flow of overseas student that kept American academic life flourishing. The attack on civil liberties and the right-wing onslaught on academic freedoms is likely to take care of what is left then.

However, the announcement of the new enterprise (dubbed Campus Watch) by the Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum, a well-known pro-Israeli centre run by the polemicist Daniel Pipes, shows that the danger is much more present and clear than hitherto feared...

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