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Multi Cultural meeting with FBI and 20 organisations deemed ' tremendous sucess'

April 24, 2006

FBI & MCAC Town Hall Meeting a Tremendous Success
By Tanvir Khan

FBI Assistant Director In Charge Mr. Steve Tidwell thinks for a moment before answering one of the attendees' questions Attendees representing Southern California's diverse ethnic minorities socialize before the commencement of the Town Hall Meeting

Los Angeles, CA: The words of Mr. Khalil Momamd (representing the Islamic Center Of South Bay) to Mr. Steve Tidwell (Assistant Director In Charge of the FBI Los Angeles Office) at the end of the event expressed the tremendous success of the event: "I wish this type of event between the FBI and the community had happened two to three years ago!"
The Multi Cultural Advisory Committee (MCAC) is a working group formed in 2004 and consists of the FBI and 20 different multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-functional community based organizations. The charter of MCAC is "Endeavors to create an environment to facilitate dialogue and enhance the relationship between the FBI and the Community which is based upon mutual respect, understanding, and the protection of Constitutional rights and civil liberties"
Held on Saturday April 8, 2006 at the Exposition Park, Los Angeles, the event was attended by over 100 people representing Southern California's major ethnic groups. This event was a very lively, engaging, high energy, enthusiastic and frank exchange where any question could be asked and all questions were answered by the FBI and MCAC representative.
Questions and subject matter ranged from heart wrenching reports on "Crimes Against Children", emotional exchange on "Hate Crimes", expression of frustration regarding "Citizenship Name Check Delays", the growing "Gang/Organized Crime", etc.

MCAC members representing some of the 20 different ethnic community- based organizations outside the Town Hall meeting location

FBI Assistant Director Mr. Steve Tidwell and his team were approachable, open to all questions, informative, and very engaging. Their presence and exposure built bridges with the community because of this event. When attendees expressed frustration about issues, Mr. Tidwell repeatedly offered his services and stated, "Have you called on us to help?" This type of offer of public service really impressed the audience.
An indication of the tremendous success of this event can be judged by the fact that when the event was over, attendees wanted to stay around even longer and had to be repeatedly requested to leave since the hall was reserved for another event!
For more information, or for future MCAC events, or how you can participate in MCAC's work, please contact any of the following MCAC member organizations:
Council of Pakistan American Affairs
Council of Pakistan American Chamber of Commerce
Council on American Islamic Relations
Free Muslims Coalition
Islamic Society of Orange County
Islamic Center of Southern California
LA County Sheriff's Advisory Council
Muslim Public Affairs Council
Masjid Al-Fatiha of America
Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation
Pakistan-American Business Executives
Shura Council of Southern California

This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at