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Ex University of South Florida prof Ramadan Shallah promises more suicide bombers in Israel as head of Islamic Jihad

Al Arian crony left position as political science prof at USF in1995 to head terror organisation in Damascus
April 17, 2006

MIM:It is worth noting that despite the documented proof that Khaleel Shikaki, the brother of the then head of Islamic Jihad (who was assassinated by Israel), was also a student at the University of Southern Florida and acted as a courier between his brother and Ramadan Shallah who was teaching there until taking over the leadership after Fathi Shikaki's demise.

Khaleel Shikaki's extensive and ties to terrorists and his aiding and abetting Islamic Jihad were cited in the recent Al Arian trial. The result? Khaleel Shikaki is presently a visiting professor at Brandeis University in New York.

Hamas: Terror attack act of self defense,7340,L-3240764,00.html

PA minister says terror attack in Tel Aviv's old central station was 'in context of legitimate resistance to violations of occupation'; PA Chairman Abbas condemns attack

Roee Nahmias

The terror attack in the old central station was the first since the new Palestinian Hamas government was sworn in. Hamas, whose heads said they would not recognize Israel's existence, has at the same time mostly refrained from resorting to violence at least on the surface but today that calm ended. Hamas spokesman Sami abu-Zohari said that the attack was an act of self defense: "Our public is carrying out defensive fighting and it has every right to use all means to defend itself."

Minister for prisoners in the Palestinian government, Waspi Kabaha, said that the "the attack was carried out in the context of the legitimate Palestinian resistance and as a response to the violations of the occupation and its crimes." PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack, and told the media that the attack "caused damage to the higher interest of the Palestinian people." Abbas called on the international community to become involved to prevent what he said was the dangerous deterioration in the area. The Islamic Jihad and Fatah's al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades both took responsibility for the terror attack.

Only yesterday, Islamic Jihad head Ramadan Abdullah said that his organization was making "unceasing efforts" to dispatch suicide bombers from the West Bank to Israel. "Israel's moves against the resistance are limiting this effort, but it won't stop," said Abdullah on the site's organization. "In the course of the period of calm, the movement mainly carried the burden of the continuance of the resistance and it was liable to continuous Zionist attack, in the form of assassinations of organization commanders and activists. Despite that, the movement can still carry on the armed conflict and the jihad against the Zionist occupier."

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