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Arab woman terrorist wannabe dressed as religious Jewess apprehended after armed driver became suspicious due to sheep smell

April 2, 2006

Hitchhiker Turned Over to Border Police
12:18 Apr 02, '06

( An Arab woman, described in her 40s, was turned over to border police in the Bethlehem area last week. The woman, who "appeared Jewish" according to the report, including her hair covering, entered the vehicle of an Efrat resident on Friday afternoon. She got into the vehicle at the Gilo hitchhiking post in southern Jerusalem.

The driver of the vehicle explained she became suspicious for a number of reasons, including the women's smell, that of sheep, prompting her to believe she may be an Arab Shepherd. The motorist, armed with a licensed pistol, pulled her car over and demanded the unwanted passenger exit.

With some assistance, the woman was eventually turned over to border police and it was learned that she was not Jewish as she claimed when asked by the driver, and she held a Palestinian Authority (PA) identity card, not an Israeli one.

Just Thursday, a suicide bomber disguised as a hareidi-religious man entered a vehicle and shortly thereafter blew himself up near the community of Kedumim in Samaria, killing four people.

This item is available on the Militant Islam Monitor website, at