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Anti Christian Haters (Muslim) from UCF Provide Perspective To "Cartoon" Controversy

March 17, 2006
Anti-Christian Haters [Muslim] From University of Central Florida Provide Perspective To "Cartoon" Controversy

March 17, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - Though the hate-filled blog that Muslim Student Association members participated in has been suddenly pulled, terror research websites fortunately archived the code.

On the MSA student site bloggers engaged in the type of rhetoric that had it been done by Jews or Christians could very well have set off Muslim demonstrations on the Florida campus.

In one entry, juxtaposed the below image of Christ on the Cross, is a mocking anti-Christian diatribe:

"And you have to just wonder! I mean, I totally understand the need of Christian artists to depict their hero in the most flattering way possible - but really, does he need to have the chiseled six-pack? Seriously, what are the odds that Jesus Christ, Holy Savior of the World, Son of God (shirk!), had rock-hard abs? Was this because when he was giving his sermons he did so whilst doing sit-ups? Was he born with the rare Hard Abdomen Gene? Or does carpentry really do this to you? I would totally understand if he had a six-pack after the Crucifixion (with all that muscle stretching and such), but beforehand? And are those pecs I see on the above picture and some protruding forearm muscle? Was Jesus really this jacked?

It doesn't even end there: Look at his flowing locks, his perfectly trimmed beard, his meticulously manicured mustache. Even though he's in grueling pain, he could still win Mr. Universe 2006!"

The font of this knuckledragging intolerance is a Muslima [an adherent of a religion which has an absolute zero-tolerance policy regarding criticism half as vitriolic directed towards itself] who variously identifies herself as "the pretty one next to the Jewish girl" [in an image] and who nonchalantly muses besides the unsettling picture to the right, "I'm thinking about joining the Iranian Woman Police. Like, can you get any more cooler than this? You also get free sub-machine guns!"

Certainly such immoderation might give young UCF Hillel students pause for concern as they engage in "inter-religious dialogue" with their associates in the MSA.

Possibly misunderstanding Wester egalitarianism, MSA students are equal opportunity bigots. Another Einstein [is that too Jewish?] on the site - MSA Pirate - posts, "If you're a rice-eyed Asian read: Free Lunch" next to image of a dead cat.

On Italians, the Muslima had this take:

"Like, I swear, there must be an 'I am an arsehole gene' in Italians

Virtually every Italian I've met has been a control freak jerk whose has this implicit plan to ruin my beautiful 4.0 GPA. With my immense knowledge of genetics and psychology, I've concluded that its really not their fault: it's an innate trait."

Now of course you might counter, "well these are just bored college kids having irreverent fun."

Fine...the comeback would be however, "Ok so no one likes to have their personal belief structure and sense of humor parsed in such a public and negative manner, but given the hypersensitive chip-on-the-shoulder attitude that many American [or "guest of America"] Muslims affect, don't the same standards of outrage apply?"

My feeling is that they should and that the larger culture, the non-Muslim majority have no reason whatsoever to shy away from making statements and entertaining opinions deemed by those with a calculated hypersensivity towards these things, to be Islamophobic.

Unless the UCF MSA wants 500 screaming Jews and Christians disrupting their next meeting they had better make note of the country in which they currently reside and practice amongst themselves what they demand of others.

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