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Hamas outlines 'social and political program' to their supporters : Terrorism and destruction of Israel

March 15, 2006

MIM: The claim that Hamas was elected for their social programs are reflected in their policy proclamation to their supporters. All terrorism all the time. Hamas Platform: Terrorism is Legitimate Sunday, March 12, 2006 / 12 Adar 5766

The Hamas movement, about to assume control over much of Judea/Samaria, presented its platform over the weekend - defining Israel as "the Zionist enemy" and approving continued terrorism.

Ismail Haniye, designated to be the prime minister in the new Hamas Authority, presented the document to Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, in the framework of the efforts to form a new government. Known as Abu Mazen, Abbas is seeking to lead his Fatah organization into a coalition with Hamas, but the two terrorist groups have not yet succeeded in finding sufficient common ground.

The Hamas platform, as outlined in the document, states that the dispute with the "Zionist enemy" continues, Israel is a conquering state, and that the path of resistance - a codeword for terrorism - is a "legitimate means of attaining the Palestinian nation's goals." The platform further states that hudna - a ceasefire that can be suspended the moment one side feels confident of victory - is also a legitimate tool.

"The conditions for a continued ceasefire," Hamas states, "are an end to all the attacks against the Palestinian nation, and the release of the all the Palestinian prisoners [terrorists].

"The Zionist government did not allow the negotiations to succeed," according to Hamas. "Hamas will be happy to learn of a more efficient way of achieving the Palestinian goals... We will relate to previously-signed agreements according to the interests of the Palestinian nation... Negotiations are merely a means, and not a goal; past talks have not provided us with our minimum demands. However, negotiations in the future will be considered, if they serve our interests."

More excerpts: "The Palestinians have the right to return to every centimeter of their lands, and this right cannot be ceded. Every Palestinian has the right to return to his home and land from which he was banished, and not to give up any morsel of his land."

It was first reported that Abbas had rejected the Hamas document as being too vague and bellicose, but this was later denied. Saed Seyam, a Hamas member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), said, "Abbas has not rejected a Hamas letter he received on Friday [nor] the program of the new cabinet."

Hamas spokesman Assad Farhat said late last week that Hamas absolutely does not accept the Road Map plan, which he called an "American Zionist program."

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