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CAIR edu coordinator/prof at UCF uses diversity program to propagate Islam - pushed non Muslims to intern at Muslim Academy

March 12, 2006

MIM: Yasmeen Qadri is the CAIR educational affairs coordinator and former principal of the MACF (Muslim Academy of Central Florida. She is currently the head of the educational affairs department of Valencia College and ran the educational department and diversity course at the University of Central Florida. Qadri insidiously used her professorial position for Da'wa (Islamic proselytising) under the guise of a Diversity studies course, and coerced non Muslim UCF students to do their teaching internships at the MACF. It is worth noting that the Diversity studies course featured an entire page about Muslims and the Muslim Academy.

In addition her diversity agenda was propagating Islam. According to two student entries on "Rate My Professor" Qadri "is very focussed on teaching about the Muslim religion- not diverse populations". Another student testified that "she tried to force me to do my observations at the Muslim Academy". Such blatant proselytising is the methadology of CAIR and shows how radical Islam is using the tactic of Jihad through Da'wa (Islamic propagation) at the University of Central Florida.

MIM: At an educational conference in 2005 Qadri , CAIR educational director ,together with Ahmed Bedier the communications director to,used the ploy of diversity to push for the Islamisation of public schools and cynically cited the First Amendment 'freedom of religion; to push their demands for having Muslim religious practices accomodate, an agenda which is antithetical to diversity.

Encouraging Sensitivity to Differing Religious Expressions

As more Muslim children become visible in U.S. public schools, the need to enhance religious tolerance and accommodate differing religious expression has become increasingly essential in the school setting. Strategies to accomplish these goals were addressed in Saturday's session "Muslims Are Americans, Too: Embracing Global Education in the 21st Century."

"This kind of dialogue is helpful for students because it helps build bridges across the different customs," Qadri said. Ahmed Bedier, communications director for the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Tampa, Fla., discussed the First Amendment and the Equal Access Act of 1984 that protect religious expression in institutions that receive federal funding, such as school districts.

"In making decisions as educators, you cannot discriminate against students' practice of religion or fail to accommodate their religious expression needs," Bedier said.

The First Amendment protects, such as prayer, fasting, religious observance, special clothing or special dietary needs. The Equal Access Act affirms the right for student-initiated religious activities in public schools.

Common excuses for failing to accommodate students' special religious needs, Bedier said, include, "if we accommodate you, we have to accommodate everyone" or "our policy forbids it" or "other students have never requested such a thing." "It's a right for our children to observe our holidays just as other children have the right to observe Christmas," he noted.

"Also, policies are made to be amended according to circumstance, and just because one student doesn't recognize a religious observance, that's their business, but if another student does, that's their right."

Yasmeen Qadri, professor of education at Valencia Community College, encourages students to embrace commonality.


MIM: Students who took Qadri's course complained that she was engaged in Da'wa not diversity and tried to force them to do their internship (and be exposed to Islam), at her former school 'Muslim Academy of Central Florida'.

Note: Dr. Yasmeen Qadri is an Adjunct Professor in the College of Education at University of Central Florida.

Dr. Qadri is nice, but very focused on teaching about the Muslim religion, not DIVERSE populations. Class is sorta boring, but tests are hard and detail specific. Unless you want to learn everything about Muslims and nothing about anyone else, drop this class and take someone else! :|
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she is so into her religion that she thinks you should be too...she tried to force me into doing one of my observations at the muslim academy...i really did not enjoy her class at all. i wish i had dropped and taken it w/ another teacher.


MIM: Qadri is featured on the Islamist Meccacentric website giving her views on how education is the only way to "prepare future generations of Muslims" (a side reference to Da'wa) and claims that "It's time for Muslims to take action".


undefinedDr. Yasmeen Qadri, principal of the Muslim Academy of Central Florida in Orlando, urges the Muslim to take a special interest in education, as it is the only way of preparing future generations of Muslims for living productive and successful lives in America. She presents her model for success that can be applied not only in the area of education but also in the area of general community affairs and dilemmas. Dr. Yasmeen reviews the history of education to see how various philosophies and ideas influenced society. Then she examines the purpose of the Islamic school with the underlying message that it's time for the Muslim community to take action and make a difference, not only for our benefit but for the benefit of the non-Muslim community as well! A talk not only geared towards Muslim activists, leaders, and educators but more importantly towards all Muslim families.



[PDF] Friday, September 3, 2004
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Speakers: Yasmeen Qadri, Tasneem Qadeer, Mohamed Magid Ali. Moderator: Kamran Qadri ... Speakers: Ahmed Bedier, Yasmeen Qadri, Maha ElGenaidi ... 2005Convention-Program-Tentative.pdf - Similar pages


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Advisor Dr. Yasmeen Qadri. Minutes:. Introduction. Chairperson Iman Zawahry welcomed ... Secretary- Summaiya Qadri (University of Central Florida- Orlando) ... minutes/minuteslivemeeting041605.doc - Supplemental Result - Similar pages

Name of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Minutes for Saturday April 16, 2005
Live Meeting: Gainesville, FL


University Representative

Gulf Coast Community College Mohammed Mubarak

Hadi Hamwi

University of Central Florida Summiya Quadri

Valencia Community College Kamran Quadri

University of Florida Marwan Sheik

Ameena Khan

University of South Florida Naveed Kamal

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Chairperson Iman Zawahry

Secretary Nur Zeinomar

Advisor Dr. Yasmeen Qadri


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Chair: Naveed Kamal (University of South Florida-Tampa)

Secretary- Summaiya Qadri (University of Central Florida- Orlando)

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