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Quickie conversion to Islam - Brokeback Muslims - video of Texans who converted to Islam

February 2, 2006

MIM: Brokeback Muslims : Video of Texans who converted to Islam

MIM: Wham Bam embrace Islam - the quickie conversion.

In the era of fast food we also get fast faith.

According to this article on a Muslim website it takes about 5 seconds to become a Muslim.

Quicker then ordering a cheese burger at McDonalds or a latte at Starbucks.

No wonder it is the fastest growing religion.

Of course no one is even presented with the fine print, which would state - that opting out and repudiating the faith - is akin to signing one's own death warrant.

Islamic law states that Muslims who reject Islam have to be killed as apostates. Which tends to make the dropout rate quite small, since many who do keep quiet about it - or simply dont live to talk about it for long.

I would like to become a musilim.
Is this possible? And if so, how can this happen. I do not know much.I know some things.

Praise be to Allaah.

Any human being can embrace Islam. You do not need anyone's permission. You simply say and believe that there is No God except Allah and that Mohammad is his Messenger. Once you say this sentence, you automatically become Muslim. From there, you start carrying on with the duties of Islam. You must do what Allah and His messenger tell you to, and stay away from what they tell you to. Islam does not tell you to do anything unless it is good for you. It also does not tell you to stay away from anything unless it is bad for you. You will notice the change in the way you look at things, the minute you become a Muslim. You will feel more relieved and secure only to think that you are fulfilling the orders of Allah. Doing this, you will clearly see the benefits of it for yourself and for mankind. You can embrace Islam in any Islamic center. This is only a formality. Once you say and believe in the Oneness of Allah and in the message of his Prophet Mohammad, then you are a Muslim.

To become a Muslim, simply say the following words:

Ash hadu alla ilaha illa Allah, wa ash hadu anna Mohammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu.

This means I testify and witness that there is no god worthy of being worshipped other than Allah and that Mohammad is his Messenger. You must say it and believe in it.

Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you),

I greet you with the greeting of Islam and welcome you to the best way of life. Allah, the most Beneficent, has shown you the path that leads to His love and mercy.

You've taken the sahada, the declaration of faith. Right now, you are among the most innocent people in the world. Why? Because, as soon as you took the sahada, all your past sins were forgiven. No matter what sin you've committed, all of them are now forgiven. From this moment on, it is very important for you to keep yourself pure and stay away from all types of evil deeds. Try your best to do this, ask Allah to help you in whatever good you want to do.

A Muslim is he who submits himself to the will of Allah. Meaning, you recognize your creator and then you obey Him in every aspect. Allah has created you and He knows what is good for you. The first thing you should do is to start learning how to pray to Allah. Muslims pray 5 times a day to Allah. My dear friend, to a true Muslim, these prayers are not a burden, but a source of pleasure. Say that you love somebody very much but the person lives far away. So, you only communicate with the person by phone. Now, everytime you call that person, you feel a deep sensation of love. The same way, a true Muslim loves Allah more than anyone. And when he stands to offer his prayers, he feels the same way when a lover communicates with the loved one.

My friend, do you have a Mosque nearby? If you do, I suggest that you go there and find a good Muslim friend to teach you Islam.

I hope to hear back from you. May Allah bless you with a life of piety and make you among the people of Paradise. Be steadfast in Islam, and you will be successful.

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The Sound Vision website list of 16 Things you can do to help Sound Vision includes waging Jihad through Da'wa if one is not in a position do otherwise and win converts to Islam. One heading leaves no doubt as to the multimedia's company's Islamist agenda:

Introducing Sound Vision
helping tomorrow's Muslims today

16 things you can do to help Sound Vision

Alhamdu lilllah, many Muslims have asked us to tell them how they can help Sound Vision. Here are some ideas about how you can help the cause of Sound Vision:

1. Donate for a worthy cause: Sound Vision

Do you know where Sound Vision gets most of its funding from? No, it's not from any specific country or government. It's from the generosity of hundreds of private donors who support the work we do. There are several ways you can donate.

2. Give your Zakat for Sound Vision

One of the eight categories Zakat can be given for is the cause of Allah. Here's what Muslim scholars Shaikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Dr. Jamal Badawi have to say about this:

"Zakat is for the poor, and the needy, and those who collect the Zakat, and those whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free captives and for debtors, and for the cause of Allah, and for the wayfarer; a duty imposed by Allah. Allah is the Knower, the Wise." (Quran 9:60)

Zakat is a duty imposed by Allah on every financially able Muslim man and woman. This verse from the Quran tells us that one way Zakat should be spent is "for the cause of Allah (Fi Sabili Allah)".

Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi * writes, "Jihad can be with the pen and the tongue just as it can be with the sword and the spear. Islamic Jihad is not limited to military efforts only; it extends beyond this, including several means that Muslims need to utilize now more than ever.

Therefore, Zakat dedicated to the cause of Allah must be directed and channeled toward other means of Jihad, including education, Dawa, the media and other activities, provided that such endeavors are purely Islamic and not contaminated with the spirit of patriotic, cultural or ethnic motivation."

Dr. Jamal Badawi has stated, "Traditionally, for the cause of Allah' has been interpreted narrowly to mean one aspect of Jihad --- Jihad in the battlefield in self-defense or against oppression. But Jihad is a broad concept, which includes the defense of Islam in the intellectual sphere, through the media as well as other Dawa efforts."

* From Fiqh al-Zakat, part 2, pp 666-669, 1981 (5th edition) Al-Risalah Co.

Please give your next Zakat for Sound Vision.

3. Contribute a radio report to

Alhamdu lillah, traffic to, the audio component of Sound Vision website has greatly increased in the last few months. Currently, we have one dedicated sister doing the work, putting together a daily program on the weekdays and a weekend edition. However, given the number of people visiting, there is a serious need for more involvement from Muslims.

All you need is a clear voice, a good idea for the program and the motivation to do it. Don't worry about the technical details, Insha Allah, we'll help you with that. If you ever dreamed of being a radio journalist, this is your opportunity! Send an email to [email protected] to learn how to.

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Invite Muslims with good hearts to your living room and show them Sound Vision programs which we have. Ask them how they can support Sound Vision. Share some of these ideas with them.

13. Keep the Introduction of Sound Vision with you

Please keep the introduction of Sound Vision and our catalog available to give out to friends and relatives.

14. Tell us about illegal copies of our products being sold

One major problem Sound Vision faces is that there are about 30 illegal copies sold for each one legal copy we sell. Please inform us if you find someone selling illegal copies.

15. Keep an eye on Muslim talent

If you know of Muslims with writing talent, people with good voices, graphics or video interest, do tell us about them.

16. Remember us in your Dua (supplication)

It is only Allah's mercy that this small team of Sound Vision has come together and continues to serve Muslims in the field of communication. Each time you benefit from any of our free services or products please make Dua for us. Any time you find some mistakes please pray for our forgiveness. Thank you.

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