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Black on Black Muslim perpetrated Genocide in Sudan Becomes the White Man's Burden

January 31, 2006

Black On Black Muslim Perpetrated Genocide In Sudan Becomes White Man's Burden

By William A. Mayer & Beila Rabinowitz

January 31, 2006 - Philadelphia, PA - - Former gal-pal to the self-styled and quite ridiculous "Minister for Defense" Huey P. Newton of Black Panther fame, Berkeley Congresswoman Barbara Lee has just returned from a tax payer funded trip to the Dafur region of Sudan.

Upon her arrival back home she announced that it was Americans who were to blame for the genocide carefully concealing the true nature of the conflict, a black on black ethno/religious "cleansing" - genocide - being carried out by Arab Muslims against non-Arab Christians.

Lee's solution to the problem rests upon her perception that the United States is once again at fault. As a result Lee, suggest divestiture of companies "complicit" in "the Dafur Bloodstain from California's pensions."

Lee makes the charge, "California Public Employees Retirement System [CALPERS] is the nations largest pension fund and one of the biggest investors in companies that conduct business in the Sudan and thereby benefit the Khartoum regime."

In none of her voluminous rantings on the subject does the word describing those perpetuating the African violence appear - Muslim - rather she demagogues the issue, blaming California Public Employees' investments for causing the "Darfur Blood Stain."

".Though there has been a good deal of controversy about the proper role of pension funds in matters not related to investment returns, we don't need to resolve that debate in order to say that no Californian, no American for that matter, should have to worry that his or her pension money was earned in support of genocide..."

If Lee was seriously interested in dealing with this aspect of the Sudanese tragedy she should be demanding sanctions against China which is the biggest investor by far in the Sudan's oil industry and a long time arms merchant to Sudanese Muslim militias.

"Energy-hungry China has invested more than $15 billion in Sudanese oil through the China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC), a state-owned monolith. The cost of Khartoum's new refinery alone was about $700 million." - David Blair, April 26, 2005 Sudan's oil makes China a defender against U.N., London Daily Telegraph

However criticism of China would be unthinkable in Barbara Lee's world, a place in which race-baiting and affinity for communist dictators is omnipresent.

"Barbara Lee is not an anti-war activist, she is an anti-American communist who supports America's enemies and has actively collaborated with them in their war against America...What legislators did not know at the time was that Dellums had previously submitted his report on the airport to the Communist dictator of Grenada for his prior approval, and subject to any changes he or his military advisers chose to make. In other words, Dellums acted as an agent of the Communist enemy in abetting his hostile designs against the United States. His emissary in this act of betrayal was Barbara Lee." - David Horowitz, September 19, 2001 The Enemy Within, Front Page Magazine

Through all the confusion and distortion one salient fact is always missing from Lee's spotty analysis - that the violence is being perpetrated by Muslims against Christians.

"What bothers me more about the media coverage of Darfur is its lack of historic context -Darfur is but one example of Arab racism toward non-Arabs within the broader "Arab world." The Darfur genocide, I believe, must be viewed not solely as a case of an Islamic jihad, but also as a case of Arab racism and should be seen as parallel to Saddam Hussein's genocide against Kurds and the Algerian government's repression of the Kaybles." - Jon Lewis, author.

The toll in Sudan has been extraordinary, but not out of line historically with similar Islamic predation on African Christian populations which has been taking place for nearly 1,300 years, as has the still extant practice of Muslim initiated slavery in the region.

"More than a million southern Sudanese, mostly Christian, but also Animists, died in the [Sudanese] ethnic cleansing campaign." - Dr. Walid Phares, Florida Atlantic University.

While the scale of human misery in Sudan should prompt action by international bodies, expecting a solution or really anything out of Barbara Lee's mouth but anti-American leftist hate is more than this thoroughly rancid individual is capable.

1999-2006 William A. Mayer & Beila Rabinowitz

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