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Islamic Jihad -Israel will be pushed "from withdrawal to withdrawal" -border crossing for terrorists to be opened -rocket attacks increase

December 26, 2005

Terrorists Vow More Attacks as IDF Mulls Response to Rockets Monday, December 26, 2005 / 25 Kislev 5766

While the IDF is considering methods for reducing the number of Kassam rockets penetrating into Israel, Arab terror groups are threatening an increase in rocket attacks.

Terrorists claim to have detailed maps of IDF bases surrounding Gaza.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon instructed Israeli Defense brass Sunday to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent Kassam rockets from being launched into Israel. Steps may include monitoring Gaza from the air and sea, as well as establishing a 1.5 mile restricted security zone along the northern and eastern Gaza borders.

In response, the Islamic Jihad terror group has threatened to increase the firing of homemade Kassams, should the IDF implement the security procedures. Islamic Jihad spokesperson Khaled Al Batsh said that an imposed security zone gives their group a "closer target to strike," according to the Arab International Middle East Media Center.

The Palestinian Resistance Committee's (PRC) Salah Ed Deen Brigades claims to own detailed maps of IDF military bases in the region. PRC spokesperson Mohammad Abdul-Al, also known as Abu Abir stated that the Salah Ed Deen gang owns "Nasser shells" which can now "hit targets fifteen kilometers away."

If Israel enforces a security strip, Abu Abir says that terror organizations will continue shelling military bases, utilizing techniques employed by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

National Religious Party leader MK Zevulum Orlev visited the IDF's Zikim base near Ashkelon on Sunday. The base was recently the target of a Kassam rocket attack, injuring five soldiers and inflicting panic amongst new recruits housed at the base. Orlev stated during his visit that there is no alternative to a ground offensive into Gaza, and that the IDF must do whatever is necessary to halt rocket attacks into Israel.

Abu Abir claims that if the Israeli army orders an offensive into Gaza, the brigades will retaliate "hard and fast."

Al Batsh added, "They [IDF and Israeli government] have to understand that their army bases and the sensitive infrastructure in Ashkelon are hinged on the safety of Palestinian residents."

"Just as they withdrew from their bases in Gaza, they will retreat from the bases on the northern border," Al Batsh continued.

In a statement released by Islamic Jihad Sunday night, the terror organization asserts that Israel is being pushed into "withdrawal after withdrawal."

The Israeli government unilaterally withdrew all IDF forces from the Gaza strip in August, and forcibly expelled close to 10,000 Jewish residents in the region, destroying twenty-one thriving communities.

"Under a barrage of rockets, the explosions and fire of the Mujahideen, they [the Zionists] are now announcing that they are withdrawing from an army base, south of the city of Ashkelon, on lands conquered in '48," said the terror group. Islamic Jihad views the issue of defending the IDF base against Kassam rockets as tantamount to another Israeli withdrawal from territory.

In addition, PRC head, Gamal Abu-Samhadna, has threatened to open up his own border crossing between the Gaza district and Egypt. His threats come as Israel and Europe oppose allowing Abu-Samhadna to visit Mecca during an upcoming Moslem holiday.

Abu-Samahada said his crossing would permit wanted terrorists to enter and exit the Gaza district unhindered by what he defined as "the occupation."

Under an agreement brokered by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the Rafiah crossing between Gaza and Egypt is currently subject to European and Israeli oversight.

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