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Iraqi clerics : Paul Johnson's beheading :"caused harm to Islam's reputation and Muslims abroad" and it "would have been better to postpone the execution"

June 18, 2004

Survival vs. Savagery

The pictures below are proof that militant Islam and civilisation cannot co exist.

Their knives are being sharpened and the lines have been drawn.

Misplaced compassion will only result in our being "better but deader"


Note that in the article below the Islamist clerics blame President Bush and not their follower's for Paul Johnson's beheading.

Militant Islamists wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea about the 'religion of peace'.

Moqtadr Sadr and his crony al Khafaj, are obviously unaware of the meaning of the expression; "one picture is worth a thousand words".

Did Sadr statement that Johnson's beheading "would have been better if it had been postponed" mean to imply that decapitation also has it's 'Kodak' moments?

Paul Johnson had been a 10 year "guest" in the kingdom, and had shown an interest in Islam.

This should have given him some degree of 'protection' against militant Islamists who are supposed to adhere to a strict interpretation of Sha'ria law which supposedly safeguards infidel sojourners.

Another factor of note is that Paul Johnson had worked on Saudi defense projects and was reported to have 'friends' in the Saudi military.

Sadr is really expressing regret that the terrorists killed a potential convert,who might have been of more use to Islam alive .This beheading showed the miltant Islamists for the bloodthirsty savages they really are.

In case the pictures below don't speak loud enough, here are their own words :

"The flesh of collaborators is tastier than that of Americans."


MIM:When Paul Johnson's Thai wife appeared on television appealing for his release, she wore a hijab .(Islamic head scarf).


The Paul Johnson Beheading, and the Nature of Our Enemies

Written by Joe Mariani
Monday, June 21, 2004

How we Americans react to the horrible murder of Paul Johnson by al-Qaeda extremists will tell us a great deal about ourselves. We need to discover whether we are truly determined to stop terrorists or merely appease them, pushing the real fight down the road for another generation.

The most common reaction was disbelief, but anyone who was surprised simply doesn't understand the enemy. Why is it such a shock that murderous extremists would kill one man, when they glory in committing mass murder nearly every day? Did anyone really think that prayer vigils and news footage of neighbors lighting canles would stop the terrorists from killing an "infidel"? It's about time we wake up and face the nature of this enemy. We cannot negotiate with them. We cannot bribe them. We cannot appeal to their better nature--if they have such a thing, they already believe they're acting in accordance with it.

Terrorists firmly believe that God has instructed them to kill us all, en masse or one by one if need be. That's their grand scheme, their master plan, and everything they do works toward that end. Nothing can talk them out of that belief or weaken the resolve that springs from it. Exposing them to Western society only heightens their loathing of it, even as they partake of its freedoms. Their beliefs are rooted in a literal interpretation of the Qu'ran, which contains passages such as:

Let those fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fighteth in the cause of Allah--whether he is slain or gets victory--soon shall We give him a reward of great (value).
- Sura 4.74

But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.
- Sura 9.5

Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in battle), smite at their necks; at length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly (on them).
- Sura 47.4

The Saudi ruling family has turned a blind eye to the rise of the fanatical Wahhabi sect (an 18th century fundamentalist movement of the Sunni form of Islam) for far too long. Worse--in return for the forbearance of terrorist groups, the Saudis have actively assisted and funded them. That truce cost the Saudis dearly, according to testimony by Dr. Alex Alexiev before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism in June 2003. "Between 1975 and 1987, the Saudis admit to having spent $48 billion or $4 billion per year on 'overseas development aid,' a figure which by the end of 2002 grew to over $70 billion (281 billion Saudi rials)," Alexiev stated. "The Saudi money is spent according to a carefully designed plan to enhance Wahhabi influence and control at the expense of mainstream Muslims.

In Muslim countries, much of the aid goes to fund religious madrassas that teach little more than hatred of the infidels, while producing barely literate Jihadi cadres. There are now tens of thousands of these madrassas run by the Wahhabis' Deobandi allies in South Asia and also throughout Southeastern Asia. In Pakistan alone, foreign funding of these madrassas, most of which comes from Saudi Arabia, is estimated at no less than $350 million per year." After 9/11, President Pervez Musharraf vowed to reform Pakistan's madrassa schools, but his efforts have had little effect so far.

So what form should our response to these terrible murders of American citizens take? Most Liberals and Democrats favor what they call a "nuanced" approach--trying to come to an agreement with groups like al-Qaeda. Find out what they want and give it to them. Certainly the terrorists will make demands, but--as always--return to the attack after gaining the concessions they request. Ask Israel for examples of the futility of negotiating with terrorists.

Trying to reason Islamofascist fanatics out of their beliefs is like trying to reason a mad dog out of its rabies--it only gives the dog another chance to bite. There's no "nuance" to a knife--it cuts you, or it doesn't. There's no "nuance" to death, either. One minute Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, and now Paul Johnson were alive, and the next they were dead, beheaded by Muslim extremists who believe they were told by God to "smite at their necks."

Killing or arresting the individuals who commit these atrocities won't be enough. We need to go to the source. One thing we can do is shut down the madrassas right here in the U.S., stop the funding flowing to them from so-called "charities," and pressure our allies to do the same. At one such school, the Islamic Saudi Academy in Northern Virginia, students "file into their Islamic studies class, where the textbooks tell them the Day of Judgment can't come until Jesus Christ returns to Earth, breaks the cross and converts everyone to Islam, and until Muslims start attacking Jews." At another, "[m]aps of the Middle East hang on classroom walls, but Israel is missing." Nationally, there are estimated to be 200 to 600 of these schools, with at least 30,000 students. Thousands of others attend Islamic weekend schools, according to Valerie Strauss and Emily Wax of the Washington Post.

(Yes, even Washington Post stories can contain facts, buried as they are in prose overly sympathetic to the beleaguered students of jihad schools. Their story, written less than six months after 9/11, made it a point to report that "students in class also talk about the taunts they face outside the school gates--being called 'terrorist' and 'bomber'--and ask whether Osama bin Laden is simply the victim of such prejudice." It took less than six months to Blame America First.) We need to pressure the Saudi ruling family to stop the financing of terrorist groups from within their country. The bargain they had made with al-Qaeda is obviously over; the royal family must decide whether they want to be counted among our friends or our enemies. Saudi Arabia has been moving inexorably toward civil war since King Fahd's 1995 stroke left the government too weakened to contain the frustration among the citizens; now is the time to gain these concessions from them.

We have the ability to stop terrorism at its source, but do we have the will? The upcoming Presidential election will be a referendum on the war against terrorism more than anything else. Do we want to have a "nuanced" conversation with the kind of people who behead innocents on camera for their religion, or do we want to stop the "barbaric people" and "extremist thugs" that President Bush understands them to be? We'll find out in just a few short months.

Sunday, Jun 27, 2004,Page 6

The Saudi government beheaded 52 men and one woman last year for crimes including murder, homosexuality, armed robbery and drug trafficking. But Saudis say that while Islam condones the punishment in one context, it condemns militants who decapitated hostages here and in Iraq.

Islam permits the death penalty for certain crimes, but few mainstream Muslim scholars and observers believe beheadings are sanctioned by Sharia, or Islamic law.

The Saudi government says the punishment is sanctioned by Islamic tradition. State-ordered beheadings are performed in courtyards outside crowded mosques in major cities after weekly Friday prayer services.

A condemned convict is brought into the courtyard, hands tied, and forced to bow before an executioner, who swings a huge sword amid cries from onlookers of "Allahu Akbar!" Arabic for "God is great."

On Friday, outside the main mosque in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, a policeman standing in the scorching summer heat declared to worshippers: "There are no qisas today." Qisas is the Arabic word for Islamic-law punishments -- which in the kingdom could mean beheadings or the amputation of limbs.

But Saudi clerics insist beheading is only allowed in the case of criminal convictions -- not in the killing of innocents.

"No religion condones these acts," Abdul Muhsen al Obaiqan, a senior Islamic cleric in Riyadh, said.

"They are against Islam and they tarnish the image of Muslims. No Muslim should show any sympathy for them," he said.

Last week, al-Qaeda-linked militants in Saudi Arabia decapitated American engineer Paul Johnson after warning they would kill him if the Saudi government did not release jailed comrades.

In Iraq this week, militants beheaded Kim Sun-il, a South Korean translator for a US military supplier, and dumped his body between Baghdad and Fallujah. US businessman Nicholas Berg met a similar fate last month in Iraq. Both killings are blamed on the al-Qaeda-linked movement of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The beheadings were videotaped, photographed and posted on the Internet. On Islamic Internet forums, mostly used by radicals, beheading has been a popular topic in recent weeks, with many participants describing it as the "easiest" way to kill an American or a Saudi from the ruling family.

The next generation : Decapitation as child's play

"posted with a comment in Swedish ("Salam aliykom. Look how cute!"), here's a death cult video that breaks new ground in loathsomeness, as smiling, laughing Muslim children reenact the savage beheading of Nick Berg.

How cute. How incredibly, terminally insane.

The video is here:
Shop 1012
Tuen Mun Town Plaza Phase 1
Tuen Mun
Hong Kong SAR



Beheading 'slur on Islam'
25/06/2004 20:05 - (SA)

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  • Kufa - Iraqi Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr on Friday denounced the beheading of American hostage Paul Johnson by Islamists in Saudi Arabia, saying the execution had cast a slur on Islam's reputation.

    However, he also blamed the "wrong policy" of US President George W Bush for the execution, which brought condemnation from around the world after pictures of Johnson's corpse were posted on Islamist websites.

    "The beheading of an American hostage happened as a result of the wrong policy of the United States," Sheikh Jabir al-Khafaji said on Sadr's behalf during the weekly Friday sermon, apparently referring to Johnson.

    "As to the kidnappers, I say you were so hasty in beheading the captive. It would have been better to postpone the execution.

    "By beheading the hostage you inflicted harm on Islam's reputation and caused troubles for Muslims living abroad.

    "Anyhow, we denounce that ugly picture regardless of it being done against the Americans or those who committed the crime."

    Sadr's militia waged a fierce rebellion against US-led forces around this holy city about 100km south of Baghdad for two months before agreeing to a truce the first week of June.


    The true face of militant Islam.

    Paul Johnson was beheaded on June 19th 2004 in Saudi Arabia.

    He had worked there for 10 years and had' friends' in the Saudi military.

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