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Muslim secret service translator mole passed info to terrorists and head of Union on Dutch Moroccan Students

Interpreter helped group which killed Theo van Gogh was considered 'progressive' Muslim who set up CAIR like 'Muslim Media Group'
November 30, 2005

ROTTERDAM, 01/12/05 - The Public Prosecutors' Office (OM) yesterday demanded a jail sentence of eight years for Outman Ben Amar. The interpreter for the secret service AIVD is charged with deliberately passing on secret information about the Hofstad terrorist network to suspected members of the same network.

The Moroccan defendant was directly involved in the AIVD investigation inot Hofstad. He processed tapped conversations held by the group in Arabic. He passed on several of these phone calls to the suspects concerned. He also provided Hofstad with detailed AIVD evaluation reports on Hofstad, prosecutor Zwaneveld claimed at Rotterdam law court yesterday.

The alleged spy also sent an e-mail message to S. Bellari, an executive member of the Union of Moroccan-Dutch Students (UMAH), Zwaneveld added. Bellari is known as a sympathiser of the Arab-European League (AEL). In the message to Bellari, Ben Amar wrote, "I have learned from a reliable source that people with whom you have contact by phone are being bugged in connection with radicalisation in the Netherlands and international terrorism."

"The leaked information was eventually widely disseminated," Zwaneveld concluded. "This was extremely interesting for the recipients. It became clear to them that they were being monitored," she observed.

The members of the Hofstad group include the murderer of Theo van Gogh, Mohammed Bouyeri, and the as yet unconvicted Samir Azzouz. He planned attacks on various targets and possibly politicians, but his preparations were so clumsy that he did not commit a terrorist offence, a court ruled recently.

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