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Trash v.s. treasure: Paid Assassins asks Israel to find Arafat's looted billions - wife Suha 'moves' from Paris to Tunisia in wake of probe

November 15, 2005

MIM: Now that the hunt is on for Arafat's billions,his wife Suha, has 'moved' from Paris to Tunisia, presumably taking the money with her, in the wake of a probe into her role in the laundering of money into a Swiss bank account.

The current riots in France may have made the Left Bank feel too much like the West Bank, and prompted Suha head for her husband's old terrorist haven, Tunesia.

With her quarter of a million Euro per month allowance, Suha will also have no problem obtaining anti AIDS treatment ,in the unlikely event that Arafat (who died of the disease last year),is indeed the real father of her child. Arafat's penchant for young blonde European men was documented in a dossier by a former Romanian intelligence official Lt. Michai Papacea .


. PA Intensifies Search for Arafat's Billions

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A year after Arafat's death, the PA has intensified its search for hundreds of millions of dollars that disappeared in his wake. Now the PA is asking Israel's help to find the lost loot.

The PA's appointee for financial matters, Salam Fayid, has asked Israeli intelligence to help search for Arafat's secret investments, estimated at upwards of one billion dollars. The PA wants the money to help set up a state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Most of the efforts to find the money are focusing on locating a web of complex investments spread around the world by Arafat's financial advisor and personal confidante, Mohammed Rashid. Rashid has so far been unwilling to volunteer detailed information regarding those investments.

A number of investments were purportedly made in various tourist sites in Africa, with others in communications and other international high-tech companies. Rashid, considered an expert at moving and hiding money, so far has not left any significant leads.

Arafat's wife, Suha, who currently lives in Tunisia, is also apparently a party to the money's disappearance. Suha's expense account in Paris has led investigators to open a file into suspicions of her involvement in laundering money in Swiss bank accounts, according to Israeli newspaper Yediot Acharonot.

Five years ago, at the onset of the Oslo War, Suha and her daughter moved to Paris, where she received a stipend from Arafat that ballooned to a quarter-million euros per month.

Suha began investing in international companies through the help of financial advisors like Rashid, who made it difficult to follow the money. Suha did not attend Arafat's funeral last year, out of fear the PA was after her money.

An intelligence source has said that it is possible that the location of Arafat's millions may never be known.


PA: Americans Gave OK to Poison Arafat

Friday, November 18, 2005 / 16 Cheshvan 5766

Arabs have intensified charges that Israel poisoned Yasser Arafat, and a former aide to Arafat said the U.S. condoned the killing. Arafat's wife Suha and terrorists in Gaza demand a probe.

The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported that Bassam Abu Sharif, former advisor to Arafat, said on a Palestinian Authority (PA) television program that he warned Arafat that Israeli officials were planning to poison him with the knowledge of the American government.

"The Israelis planned to kill him by poison, because of Sharon's promise to the Americans that [Arafat] will not be killed by bombing," Abu Sharif told Arab viewers.

"According to the confirmed information I have, [Defense Minister Sha'ul] Mofaz spoke to [Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon in the following manner: 'This is an opportunity to get rid of Yasser Arafat...' Sharon was silent for a moment, and then looked [at Mofaz and said], 'Only if it would be done in a way that the accusing finger won't be pointed at Israel.' These are the exact words."

Abu Sharif also stated that France, where Arafat died after being hospitalized, knew about the alleged poisoning but hid it in order to prevent "igniting" Arabs. However, he added that "that every Palestinian will see it as his duty to avenge [the death of] Yasser Arafat."

The Associated Press (AP) described the latest PA accusations describing the alleged poisoning as "a plot reminiscent of Shakespeare's Hamlet." Arafat confidante Ahmed Abdel Rahman charged, "It was easy to poison him in the ear, because he was under siege and he used to receive a lot of people and he used to hug them to kiss them and my assumption is that the perpetrator carried a small balloon of gas and he could blow it in Arafat's ear."

Israel has denounced the PA charges as slander. "That is nonsense. That claim is totally baseless," said Israeli government spokesman David Baker. Last February's Sharm el-Sheikh accords signed by the PA included provisions of an end to incitement in PA-run media.

Arafat's wife Suha, who previously objected to an autopsy of her husband's body, has called for an international investigation into Arafat's death, according to United Press International (UPI), which quoted the official Libyan News Agency that she supported a similar call by Libyan leader Muammar Kaddafi.

In Gaza, hundreds of terrorists armed with rifles and missiles marched and shot in the air on Thursday in a call for investigation into the death of Arafat along with a demand for jobs. They defied a recent PA order against displaying weapons in public parades.

Arabs have raised the issue of poisoning ever since Yasser Arafat died on November 11 last year. Doctors never declared the cause of death but medical reports showed that he had a blood disease, possible caused by AIDS.

His personal physician, Dr. Ashraf Al Kurdi, has called for an autopsy but has made contradictory statements in interviews. He was quoted by Global Research website as stating, "We took blood samples and there were no poisons, or HIV infection." He later speculated in an interview quoted on the Arab Aljazeera web site that a virus was injected into Arafat's body to hide poisoning. Al Kurdi was denied access to Arafat the last several days of his life.

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