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Islamic ' loo' could transform the lives of British infidels

Use of bidet can "show how people of different cultures can work together and learn from each other "
by British Muslims Monthly Survey
June 6, 2004

A compilation of news from :

British Muslims Monthly Survey December 1998 and 1999

MIM: The benefits of 'Multi Culti' pre 9/11:

British Combiflush company lives up to it's name and donates religously correct toilets to a UK Islamic Center damaged in an arson attack.

Q-News, an Islamist magazine with a glossy facade of moderation, gushes over the opportunity, "to introduce the concept of washing after using the toilet to the British people".



Q News (No314, 01.12.99) carries an article on what it calls a ‘Millennium superloo'.

The product is being marketed by British company Combiflush 2000, which transforms an ordinary toilet into a bidet, which could introduce the concept of washing after using the toilet to British people.

Combiflush 2000 eliminates the need for a separate bidet through its in-built water shower. At the touch of a button, a bidet arm extends to the washing position and releases a shower of warm water to clean the user. The arm then retracts back into the unit, ready for the next person to use.

Managing Director, Norman Smith, believes the practice of using water rather than toilet paper is the ultimate in personal hygiene. He said:

"I first got the idea about eight years ago when I talked to a Muslim who happened to be in a hospital bed next to me. He told me that Muslims are required to wash after going to the toilet and I immediately thought this was a really good practice."

The toilet, which is manufactured in the Far East, has already been a success overseas, and Mr Smith is now targeting the British market.

He said:

"We British tend to be so set in our ways that we don't open our minds to other cultures and traditions. We all live among Muslims and yet it is surprising how few of us actually know that Muslims wash after going to the toilet!...

People don't seem to realise that it is more important than washing your face. If we don't wash our face we get skin problems, but if we don't wash our sensitive body areas it can cause much more serious diseases."

Combiflush 2000 have offered to donate their toilets as part of the refurbishment programme of the Al-Quba Community Centre and Mosque in Barnsley, which was damaged in an arson attack.

Mr Smith said:

"We hope this small gesture on our part will not only benefit the epople that use the Centre, but that it will show how people of different cultures and religions can work together and learn from each other."

[BMMS December 1999 Vol. VII, No. 12, p. 4/5]


Islamist Venus

Allah written on Venus :

A schoolgirl in Peterborough has been the first to discover the name of Allah written on the planet Venus!

Ruby Mushtaq was colouring in a picture of Venus at The Beeches Primary School, when she noticed the word imprinted on the paper through the colour. The 11-year old rushed to show her teacher, Farat Jhamillah.

Ms Jhamillah said:

"I still can't believe it has happened. As a Muslim I consider it a miracle. Allah is the almighty and is the centre of our beliefs. I feel blessed and very happy that he has chosen my classroom to show he is the greatest. We inspected the paper and it was no different to any of the other children's, and there is no way it could have been tampered with because I had another teacher with me."

Ruby's drawing has now been framed to hang in the classroom. She said:

"I feel really happy. My parents were very happy as well and they have bought the class some sweets to celebrate."

Mohammed Yousaf, chairman of the school's governors, said:

"I believe this is a miracle and until someone can give me a scientific explanation, I feel we have been blessed..

This is very special for us. All indicators point towards it being genuine"

(Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 17.12.99). [BMMS December 1999 Vol. VII, No. 12, p. 7]


Amaze your friends -confound your enemies ...

Mesmeric Muslims in yashmaks !

Two thefts in Chingford and Walthamstow have been blamed on ‘mesmeric Muslims'.

At an off-licence in Walthamstow, two women wearing yashmaks with two children, asked for a bottle of Bacardi and sweets. They gave the owner of the shop a £50 note, which he changed. They then said they did not want the drink and asked for their money back. The owner of the shop said his mind went blank and he gave them the £50 note and an additional £10 note. He said:

"I was just frozen and had no idea where I was. I have never known anything like that in my 16 years in the business. There was some sort of spell on me."

Later the same day, in Chingford, a similar event took place at a music shop where the owner returned the £50 note plus an additional £20 note.

(Chingford Guardian, 08.10.98). [BMMS October 1998 Vol. VI, No. 10, p. 4]


MIM: No flashing in a yasmak:

Muslim woman wearing a yashmak and chador, in
Muslim woman wearing a yashmak and chador, in "Femme du peuple," coloured engraving, …
By courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London


also spelled Yasmak, long, narrow face screen or veil traditionally worn in public by Muslim women. The yashmak can consist of a piece of black horsehair attached near the temples and sloping down like an awning to cover the face, or it can be a veil covered with pieces of lace, with slits for the eyes, tied behind the head by strings and sometimes supported over the nose by a small piece of gold, …

Attack of the Koranic Tomatoes ?

Holy tomato

Staff at Kushboo Indian restaurant in Horley were amazed when they cut open a tomato to find the veins spelling the name of Allah.

Chef Zakir Hussain, who cut the tomato, said:

"I have never seen anything like it in my life. It really is a miracle."

Despite this, he said they had no plans to stop selling alcohol, as it was feared doing so would loose them trade.

(Q News, 15.10.98, No.297). [BMMS October 1998 Vol. VI, No. 10, p. 5]


Muslims object to being portrayed as "thieves, terrorists, and murderers"

Cartoonists claims "it's supposed to be science fiction".

Cartoon complaint

Q-News (01.10.98, No.296), has an article concerning a cartoon strip appearing in the Sun newspaper which is offensive to Muslims.

The cartoon, called Psycops, has presented an Arab terrorist plot to annihilate the West.

It refers to a group called the ‘Liberators of Palestine' and the main villain is ‘Kibul Khan' who retreats to a mountain to meet a demon called the ‘Messenger of Mohammed'. The cartoon appears to allude to the historical details of the Prophet's retreat in which he received the revelation of the Qur'an.

The cartoon writer, Peter Nash, stated:

"The religious allusion is deliberate to allow a comparison with some of the writings in the Bible relating to Jesus and Moses - I don't have much knowledge of Islamic history. The point of this is to show that Satan is a great deceiver and Kibul Khan cannot tell the difference."

Mr Nash rejected the idea that his cartoon strip presented Muslim characters in a bad way. However, it appears that every Muslim character who is shown as religious is either a terrorist, a thief or a murderer. The features editor for the Sun said: "It's not supposed to be political comment, it's science fiction."

[BMMS October 1998 Vol. VI, No. 10, p. 4]

The Bee Inscription
This is name Allah made by some inspired bees
Cloud with Allah's name

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