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Dutch arrest terror suspect on army base: Convert to Islam dressed in army uniform tied to group behind Van Gogh murder

September 16, 2005

Netherlands: Terror Suspect Detained Following Military Training Ground Incident "Terror Suspect in Dutch Custody"

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
THE HAGUE, Sept 14 (AFP) -- A Dutch man has been detained on suspicion of terrorist intent after being found on a military training ground armed with grenades and home-made explosives, the Dutch prosecutor's office said Wednesday ( 14 September).

The 29-year-old was held on September 6, a spokesman for the office said, but refused to confirm a report in daily that the suspect was a convert to Islam.
He was arrested while crossing the training ground in the Brabant area of the eastern Netherlands dressed in military uniform.
A subsequent search of his home uncovered a significant amount of military equipment including grenades and a home-made bomb.
The suspect was placed in custody for two weeks by a Rotterdam court Friday ( 9 September) for theft of military equipment and possession of explosives with terrorist intent.
Dutch society was rocked last November by the murder by an Islamic radical of a leading filmmaker, contributing to a growing feeling of insecurity.
Last week, authorities heightened security in trains and subways although they said there was no "concrete threat."

(Description of Source: Paris AFP in English -- North European Service of independent French press agency Agence France-Presse)

Dutch authorities seize terror suspect with army explosives
14:58 2005-09-14
Dutch authorities have arrested a man suspected of stealing explosives from an army depot to carry out a terrorist attack.

The unidentified suspect, 29, was detained last Tuesday on a military training ground in the southern province of Brabant and handed over to military police. He was dressed in army clothes, a statement issued by prosecutors said.

Investigators reportedly found a homemade bomb, 45 military-issue thunder flashes - used for training to simulate a battlefield - and smoke bombs at his home.

A judge on Friday ordered the suspect to remain in custody for 14 days on charges of stealing military goods and illegal possession of explosives with the intent to use them in a terrorist act.

Dutch media reported that the man was a convert to Islam who told police he had ties to the Hofstad terror network, said to be behind the November murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh, the AP reports.

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